Guidelines to Become a Contributor, & Earn from your Content.

Step 1:  Register at

Step 2: Login to the site and press Upload.

Step 3: Drag-drop or locate the image  you want to Submit.

Step 4: Enter the Title, Tags, Price, Select Category and Submit your work.

Step 5: Team will review your images and approve it for sale if it meets the guidelines of submission of content.



EARN up to 40%* Royalty on each sale and lets GROW TOGETHER.


NOTE: It might take 2 to 3 working days for images to get approved by our team. Images which are not approved in 7 working days are automatically rejected and it means that it has not met the guidelines for approval. If you have any objection regarding unapproved content, kindly email us on


Submitting images on regular basis will increase a chance of earning more from your content.

* reseves the right to change or modify the royalty %age without any prior notice.