Criteria & Guidelines

Content Acceptance Criteria & Guidelines.

1. Please read the terms and conditions to avoid sanctions.

2. You must be author and/or owner of the content you upload.

3. No WATERMARK on the images that you upload.

4. Content of violence, drugs or pornography strictly not allowed.

5. Please add tags properly for each image as our search engine searches content on the bases of tags.

6. Image must be of atleast 1920 pixels in width and 1200 in height.

7. Images must be saved highest JPG quality.

8. We strictly do not allow material with COPYRIGHT issues such as any brand’s logo, tagline or label, recognizable characters, cartoons, movies, dramas etc. Please also note that some Buildings are protected by a trademark, you will require to submit property release for it which can be submitted at

9. You must submit Model consent form and/or Property release rorm at for the content having any model, people or places that needs permissions. Images without form submissions will not be approved.

10. Model/Property release files must be a scanned copy having CNIC details and Signature of the model and the photographer.

11. Presentation is the key to success. How you present to your client matters. Please make sure that the subject is well-framed & clearly defined within the image.

12. Always use a tripod where necessary to get sharp and clear images. Blurred images due to low shutter or defocused images will not be approved. Please make sure your subject is well in focus. Grainy, low quality and out of focus images will now be approved.

13. Do not over process your image. Always try to upload images with minimal editing removing unnecessary dust, cloning out unnecessary object properly from the image.

14. Images of events, programs, personal weddings (without written permission) are not allowed.

15. Your subject/s in the pictures should be properly lit and make sure your image is not under or over exposed.

16. As we believe in offering quality product to our clients. Selfies, Personal Images taken with cell phones will not be approved.


What kind of images are sold frequently?

Our aim is to promote local talent and artists of Pakistan. Our clientele usually looks for high-end content in almost all areas, including shoots with talent, shots showcasing the diverse culture of Pakistan, technology, fashion shoots, lifestyle, business, beauty, along with Landscapes, Landmarks and Places of Pakistan.


* For any other query please reach as at or whatsapp us on +92-300-1113436.